[Photo report] Visit of the Stade de Reims facilities

[Reportage photos] Visite des installations du Stade de Reims

A few weeks ago, with our partners from the Stade de Reims, we had the chance to go behind the scenes at the Center de vie Raymond Kopa and the Stade Auguste Delaune. Back in photos on this exceptional visit!

On the occasion of the match of the Stade de Reims women's team against Olympique Lyonnais in Division 1, we were able to visit the Center de vie Raymond Kopa from the inside. Accompanied by the SDR communication team, we thus returned to the places of life of the different teams of the club: young people, male and female first teams, etc.

After a tour in front of the training grounds, we were able to enter a place rarely open to the public, the "crampon room", where the players put on their shoes before starting training. And where, we learned, they take a OneGum or two before starting the exercises.

Next step: the Center de vie gym! There, we had the exceptional opportunity to chat with David Guion, the Stade de Reims coach, who detailed his plans for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, this confidential information cannot be disclosed on the site...

After a last round with the preparers, visits to the rest room and the press room, we joined the Stade Auguste Delaune to attend the training of the players before the match. We also met the coach of the women's team, Amandine Miquel.

This match of the women's team was also an opportunity for us to be able to discuss the place of women's football within the Stade de Reims, with the pioneers of women's football from Champagne. We were able to share a few moments with players from the first SDR teams.

At the end of this very interesting discussion, it's time for the evening match! Faced with the ogre from Lyon who had just won a 5th consecutive European Cup, the players from the Stade de Reims defended themselves well. The defeat was inevitable but the score is not so heavy: 3-0 for the Lyonnaises.

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