Our athletes: Adeline Furst

Nos athlètes : Adeline Furst

New issue of our OneGum ambassadors interview series! Today we give the floor to swimmer Adeline Furst .

Recent French champion in the 1500m freestyle, the swimmer specializing in open water swimming and licensed at the TOEC Dolphins club (Toulouse) answers our questions.

How did you come to sport?
Sport has always been part of my life. My parents thought it was important for their children to practice an extra-curricular activity, especially sports, because they too had experienced this when they were young.

So I started very early with the babygym. Even if the required age was fixed at 6 years old, the educators seeing my energy, my dynamism and my will, welcomed me when I was only 5 years old. Indeed, when we came to pick up my sister during her weekly sessions, I loved playing with the apparatus, getting on the mats, copying the "figures" that I saw...

I also learned to swim at that time, because I almost drowned in a lake during a fishing day. However, I preferred to continue my artistic activity until I was 10-11 years old. It was therefore only quite late that I redirected myself and oriented myself towards swimming and running.

What is your physical preparation?

Physical preparation in swimming is complementary and even essential. We have a lot of dry work (8h/week) apart from our water training (25-26h/week). This preparation obviously involves bodybuilding and sheathing, but also prevention, strengthening, yoga, circuit training and running.

Do you practice other sports on the side?

During my STAPS years, I did many sports outside of my training. This added me 4 to 6 hours more. It was quite strenuous but I loved the variety of activities offered. I went from rugby to contemporary dance, without forgetting judo, badminton, kayaking, volleyball, athletics or salsa. I was able to discover new sensations and get to know myself better.

Since the validation of my license, I no longer regularly practice other sports because my schedule has become even heavier. However, sometimes I climb, surf, run or paddle (kayak, paddle...). I usually take advantage of it in the summer, during my short annual vacation, but of course, at my little amateur level!

Rather sport live or with a controller?

I would say "live sport"! The emulation and effervescence that emerges from live sport allows us to live and feel more emotions. In addition, the atmosphere often makes the performances all the more impressive, the last event in which I was able to participate was in August 2020, during the Herculis meeting, the Monegasque stage of the Diamond League.

However, I don't say no to a little game of video games with friends, especially during the various trips for our courses or competitions!

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