The beneficial effects of caffeine on the body

Les effets bénéfiques de la caféine sur l’organisme

Caffeine is a substance known to all. We've all heard someone say, "Until I get my morning coffee I'm good for nothing!"

It is mainly found in coffee beans, but also in tea leaves, cocoa and kola nuts.

In an energy drink, in a cup of coffee or tea, almost all of us have already tasted caffeine and we know it for its exciting effect but also for its addictive effect. And thanks to OneGum, you know that caffeine can now be consumed via chewing gum or a lozenge.

Indeed, caffeine will stimulate the central nervous system by increasing the heart and respiratory rate. All the organs being well irrigated with blood and air, your intellectual and physical activities will be all the more effective. Caffeine will boost your memory and concentration skills because it acts against symptoms related to fatigue.

For sports abilities, athletes have understood the method! A cup of coffee (or a OneGum) is the guaranteed boost to be at the top of your physical abilities before training or competition.

Caffeine in the prevention of various cancers

A daily cup of coffee would be enough to reduce the risk of liver cancer by 15%, how? Caffeine and polyphenols (plant component) of coffee would inhibit the development of cancer cells.

In women who have had breast cancer and who have undergone hormonal treatment, a study was carried out in Sweden to link coffee consumption and recurrence of the disease. It emerged that 2 cups of coffee daily seemed to have helped prevent a recurrence of their breast cancer.

The natural fat burner!

Since caffeine will play a stimulating role in the body, it will therefore increase the metabolism to burn calories.

In addition, caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant for small snack or mid-morning cravings before the lunch break.

4 coffees per day maximum

To feel the beneficial effects and not those that can affect your health, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recommends not drinking more than 4 cups of instant coffee per day (the equivalent of 100g of caffeine per cup or 8 of our OneGum).

In addition, we remind you that excessive consumption of caffeine leads to addiction to it and can have adverse health effects including anxiety, insomnia, headaches, etc.

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