Good preparation for better performance

Une bonne préparation, pour une meilleure performance

Welcome to a new series of articles on tips and motivations for a successful workout! Divided into 3 parts, we attack this series by focusing on the preparation of training...

Indeed, our performance during a sports session does not only depend on the physical form of the moment, but also on the preparation. We should only play sports if our body is in good condition and if we have anticipated the effort. It is really not recommended to do it if you can't feel it: it could cause an injury.

Here are some essential tips tested and validated by the OneGum team...

We don't skimp on food!

It is obvious that you have to eat before a session to replenish your energy. This substantial meal should be taken 2 to 3 hours before the session. But what should be on the plate?

To have all the energy and essential nutrients, it is recommended to eat a varied diet in reasonable quantities. Compose your meal of products rich in carbohydrates (fruits, cereals, vegetables, dried fruits, etc.) and/or starchy foods (pasta, wheat, rice), and avoid eating foods that are too sweet or too fatty in order to promote digestion and prevent not eat too “heavy”.

Regarding the hydration of your body, it is imperative to drink well during the hours preceding your session. Drink more (water) than usual to prevent future dehydration and cramps.

Smart food, good mood

If you are afraid of running out of energy when the time comes or if you don't feel at your best, you can take a OneGum a little before your session!

Effective in just 5 minutes, the chewing gum will give you a welcome boost, thanks to its caffeine and vitamin intake to stay on top throughout your session!

You must be or-ga-ni-sé (for once?)

In order not to get lost once you are ready to exert yourself, we advise you to plan your session in advance according to the weather, your physical condition (and the muscles you want to work).

Applications can help you plan your sessions in advance with personalized models according to your criteria, your objectives... But don't forget to listen to your body and work the parts that need it and that are ready to work that day.

If you have trouble motivating yourself or sticking to your sessions, you can also call on a sports coach who will be able to offer you different schedules just for you.

So it's good, this article made you want to sweat? That's good, that's precisely the subject of the next part of the series!

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