A well deserved rest !

Un repos, bien mérité !

Third and last article in our series on tips and motivations for a successful sports session! To close this series, we are going to address the subject of stretching, snacking... in short, everything for a good recovery!

We hope you had prepared well and had a good session , that you met your goals and that you are very tired! Now, yes, you can rest...

But before that (we talked about it before with the advice on hydration), you have to stretch. It is advisable or even imperative after all sessions to do stretching so as not to have cramps, aches and not to frustrate your muscles: they need to recover from your efforts. During this rather calm exercise, also take the opportunity to drink in large quantities, while you are at it!

Long live the good fatigue

Like any athlete after a session, you should feel tired, proud of yourself and relaxed (but especially tired!). So if other tasks await you (the return on foot, by car, or even back to the office) don't hesitate to take a OneGum, it will help you get back on your feet, very quickly.

Do not forget the basic needs

However, this OneGum (or OneMint) should not replace your meal either. Indeed, it is imperative to have a snack or eat a full meal after a session, because you are often in a caloric deficit (hence the fatigue) and your body needs energy (included in starches, fruits, vegetables, etc).

Sometimes, even often, sport tends to cut the hunger in many people. But that doesn't mean your body doesn't crave and need it, so don't hesitate to force yourself to eat a full meal.

We don't need to specify it, but of course go in the shower after your intensive session: it will have several benefits! For starters, it will really relax your muscles, because we all agree on that: hot water is really pleasant; after a big session!

Then, it will allow you to eliminate perspiration which, being rather salty, can sometimes scratch you. The shower also allows you to give a really important feeling of well-being.

After that and if necessary, you can sleep because the best way to rest your body and generate good energy is during sleep. So no, no excessively alcoholic evenings or sleepless nights, otherwise you risk losing the benefits of your session, and that would be a shame, right?

So, what do you think ? Are you good or bad students?⚡️ 😉

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