Never give up!

Never give up !

Here it is, the second article in the series on tips and motivations for a successful sports session! For this second part, we are going to look at mental toughness, hydration and goals during training...

Drink without moderation

Once a good physical and mental preparation has been made (see the advice in our previous article ), all you have to do is! Of course, don't forget to take your OneGum 5 minutes before your session for a boost of energy and to be sure you don't run out... Or if you want an adjustable dose, take one or more OneMints depending on the desired dose of caffeine!

One of the tips that will come up in every article is, of course, hydration. Already essential in normal times, staying hydrated is even more so during physical exertion. Depriving yourself of water can really have repercussions on health (cramps, exhaustion, headaches, poor concentration...). You have to drink between 1L and 1.5L of water per day, so when you play sports (you sweat, you get out of breath…) it is imperative to increase the quantities of water!

It's all in the mind

We don't teach you anything, the mind and emotions have a strong impact on our physical health. This is why during your sports session, you absolutely need a motivation, a goal...

It can be the desire to gain/lose weight, the desire to make a person proud, the desire to break records or simply the need to move and evacuate. Depending on your specific needs, it can be useful and important to exercise with someone (a friend, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, a family member)!

Together, it's much more motivating. We don't want to stop so as not to penalize the other, to show that we are "strong" or just because this person makes you forget your efforts and your suffering!

For the mind, we also advise you to establish and respect your schedule. Why ? Quite simply because if you define it before your session, once in the room you will have to finish it. If you have planned it in such a way, targeted on certain muscles, it is because you believe that you need it, and therefore you have to go all the way to progress.

Of course, it is essential to listen to your body first and foremost . We absolutely do not advise you to abuse it and hurt yourself. You can push your limits, but reasonably and only if your fitness can keep up.

We look forward to your feedback! 🙂

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