Finished the list the race, we deliver the chewing gum directly to your home!

Fini la liste le course, on vous livre les chewing-gums directement chez vous !

Who has never found themselves embarrassed by an almost empty bottle of detergent or a tube of toothpaste… Essential products that are sorely lacking when they run out.

Since yesterday, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can receive your Dash Button, a connected button to order your essential products with a simple press. A novelty ? Not really. Launched in April 2015 in the United States, the American giant currently works with more than 200 brands. This concept of ultra-smart connected button is only coming to France now and risks revolutionizing the way we get our consumer products. No need to travel, or even to connect to a site, the purchasing procedure is simplified to its maximum.

How does it work ? It's up to you to stick, hang or simply put the button with the image of the brand next to the product concerned. Configuration on the Amazon application on your Smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection are required. When a product runs out, just press the button and the order is placed. You receive your products the next day, which allows you to anticipate your needs and never again suffer from the absence of a few essential products. The shopping list now becomes “old school”.

The idea of ​​having a Dash Button bearing the image of OneGum we would like it very much!

It couldn't be easier to order your packets of energizing chewing gums and thus be in top form every day. But then, where would you place it?

In the meantime, there is always the online store and the subscription offer to facilitate your purchases!

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