OneGum review in 2016

Bilan OneGum en 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end and it is time to take stock. And what a score! This year was so rich in novelties and news that we are not going to risk listing them all. So rather than writing a great novel, let's just go back to the most significant news of the last 12 months.

1. First of all, let's start with our arrival in mass distribution. For those unfamiliar with the industry “food” start-ups , finding a place in mass distribution represents the absolute holy grail for many of us. There's nothing more satisfying than having a presence right down your street.

We had therefore prepared ourselves for a long time to launch OneGum in this type of network in order to approach this challenge with serenity. During September, we rolled out our product in more than 500 Franprix stores. We are currently very proud of the results even though we know that we still have a lot of work to do. A quick word about Franprix, whom we thank for their trust and taste for innovation. For sure, 2017 will be the year of confirmation and new distribution networks.

So don't forget to look near the checkouts in the store, you're sure to see our great chewing gums.

Otherwise it continues in service stations, you can find us at Total, BP and some AVIA. At the start of the school year, we will also be at Shell and Esso to help you keep fishing behind the wheel!

2. Our long-time fans obviously noticed it, but this year was also the change in packaging. No more dark blue colors, make way for orange, azure blue and silver gray to boost our image and give visibility to our product in stores. It was no small feat to get the design we wanted and, believe me, we had some cold sweats when producing our first “new” packages. Between the factory under water in May and the orders to be fulfilled, the timing was tight to meet our commitments but as usual at OneGum, with relentlessness, everything ends up being unblocked.

3. Finally, who says new packaging says new website and new graphic identity. A complete overhaul of our online presence has been carried out and we are very satisfied with the result obtained. We now offer greater visibility of OneGum news. You have probably noticed that we have increased our presence on social networks and we do not intend to stop there!

Finally, we do not forget all the partnerships made and all the events we have in which we have participated.

In any case, we promise you. We'll attack 2017 with a bang, so keep following us on social media!

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