The most unusual sports!

Les sports les plus insolites !

Because it's not just football, rugby or basketball in life... Today, our team has decided to give you a small selection of the most unlikely sports to practice - and where consumption of OneGum can make the difference!

- Cheesboxing:
Boxer and chess player in your spare time, this sport is made for you!
The rules are simple: 5 rounds of English boxing of 3 minutes cut by 6 rounds of chess of 4 minutes. To win there are 2 possibilities: either knock out your opponent or checkmate.

A sport that combines physical AND mental skill. And to hold on, how about a little instant caffeine boost?

- Quidditch:
And no, this sport does not exist only in the famous saga of JK Rowling! It can be practiced like Harry Potter since 2005 and as crazy as it sounds every player plays with a broom like in the movies!

With 2 teams, 14 players and 3 balls, the objective is to score as many goals as possible with the 2 balls (the Quaffle and the Cognard) in the rings located high up. Or to directly win the game: catch the Snitch (this one does not fly, it is simply held by a player).

- The Slam Ball:
Remember when you were little and couldn't reach the basketball hoop? The American Mason Gordon has found a solution to your problem: the Slam ball.

A hybrid sport mixing trampoline and basketball. 4 trampolines placed in front of the basketball hoops and 4 players compete to score the most baskets. Thanks to the rebounds you will be able to dunk for sure! And for a good run-up or maximum concentration capacity, don't forget to drink a OneGum or a OneMint, 5 minutes before exercise!

So one of these sports tempts you? No matter which one you choose, at OneGum we satisfy everyone with our energizing chewing gums !

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