The Top 5 sports that make you lose the most calories

Le Top 5 des sports qui font perdre le plus de calories

We all know that sport causes the loss of calories and therefore makes us expend energy. Energy that you can find in your favorite OneGum but not only. Today, it's the TOP 5 sports that make you lose the most calories!

From head to toe, you can stimulate most of your muscles thanks to the sports we have selected for this ranking!

No. 1: Boxing

In one hour of boxing you can lose between 800 and 1000 calories! Indeed, boxing is a very intense and very complete sport because it stimulates all the muscles of the body: it asks you to always be in motion, to jump on the spot, to adjust your guard and to give blows to your opponent.

No. 2: Squash

Little known, squash is a racket sport, which is played on a court surrounded by walls and a glass wall. The goal is to hit the ball against the opposite wall and prevent the opponent from returning it. Very complete, this sport will allow you to develop your endurance, your speed and your precision as well as your intelligence. In addition, it will allow you to burn 800 to 1000 calories in one hour of practice!

No. 3: Cross-country skiing

We grant it to you, we are not in the winter sports period, but we will note it for next year 😉.

Anyway, practicing an hour of cross-country skiing allows you to burn between 500 and 1100 calories per hour! The coldness of winter will stimulate your body to keep your body at normal temperature.

No. 4: The elliptical trainer

A great classic for years and we have all seen it at least once in our loved ones. The elliptical trainer is a weight machine that could not be simpler and does not cause any shock to the joints. It works 80% of the muscles in the body and burns an average of between 500 and 800 calories per hour!

No. 5: Swimming

Swimming allows us to fight against the resistance of water, without realizing it, we stimulate almost all our muscles. A gentle sport that does not cause any muscle trauma. In addition to its calorie loss, which can go up to 700 per hour, swimming prevents joint problems and back pain that can appear over time.

Without you knowing it, you spent energy reading this article! One hour of reading costs about 50 calories , don't thank us, it's a gift!

But we still invite you to take a look at our other articles to educate yourself and to spend your energy!

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