OneGum's 6 Commandments for Students

Les 6 commandements de OneGum pour les étudiants

We know it well, chewing gum in class has often been reprimanded to us during our school years... Breaking the rule is not our goal, we just want you to succeed in accomplishing your goals, whether they are personal or professional.

Student often rhymes with exams, competitions, partial... but that's not all! Student can rhyme with sport, goals, concentration and energy. That's what OneGum is here for.

We know that this period is complicated for you, the students. The need for energy and motivation is increasingly felt and distance learning courses make you gradually lose confidence in yourself.

Here are the 6 commandments of OneGum for students.

  • Partials and exams you will pass:

OneGum is well known for its energizing effect, but its caffeine and vitamin assets also help increase alertness and concentration during a review session.

  • From the morning, the form you will have:

Difficult mornings, we know! But now they are much simpler with a OneGum. A good boost in 5 minutes and you are already awake and ready to face this day of class.

  • Motivated you will stay:

As a student, keeping in shape is necessary. We advise you to practice physical activity 2 to 3 times a week: this has enormous benefits for the body and the mind. Besides decreasing anxiety, improving concentration and quality of sleep, it will also give you confidence in setting goals.

  • Every day, you will keep me:

Thanks to its small format, OneMint tablets and OneGum chewing gum can be taken everywhere: handbags, sports bags, pockets, school bags. With a pack of OneGum for example, there is the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee, enough energy to stay motivated all day.

  • Sharing you will:

And yes, there are 10 coffee cups in a pack of OneGum! A good reason to make new acquaintances by sharing our tip to stay motivated all day long.

  • In good health you will remain:

OneGum and OneMint have only one thing in common with energy drinks: caffeine in the composition. Otherwise, these confections are sugar-free, taurine-free and aspartame-free. A healthy recipe for everyone! Moreover, for the competitors present, there is no doping element.

OneGum and OneMint therefore support students in their lives to keep them motivated throughout the day. With all this, there is no reason not to pass your future partials, exams or competitions!

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