6 tips for returning to sport

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We all know that getting back to sport is always complicated after a period of inactivity. Since your interests are important to us, discover the 6 tips from the OneGum team to take this step and (re)become more motivated than ever!

1. The more the merrier, the more we sport!

Being accompanied to play sports is one of the best sources of motivation! The challenge between friends will push you to your limits and motivate you to do better and better.

2. Find your rhythm

You need to find YOUR cruising speed, to resume sport in your own way. For this, you have to combine rest, energy and your daily rhythm of life. The OneGum team therefore gives you its tip: set a schedule. If all of your sessions are planned in your schedule, your brain will be in condition to find the necessary motivation to accomplish this task.

3. A healthy and adapted diet

Adapting your diet is very important when doing sports. You will certainly need more calories than before resuming sport and this is completely normal. However, avoid eating too rich so as not to destroy your efforts, because you risk demotivating yourself by not seeing results.

4. Be patient!

Do not despair ! Always be optimistic, even though there may be times when you may not immediately be able to perform a move or see aesthetic results (if that is your goal). Remember to give your body time to adapt to your new rhythm of life.

5. Vary the pleasures

To avoid getting bored, avoid sessions that are too repetitive and centered on a muscle or a goal. Set yourself diversified and achievable goals according to your level, there is no point in aiming too high at the beginning: you have to go step by step.

6. Our ultimate secret

If you have a lack of motivation, a slack, or just need a little perk before your session, we have the solution... An energizing OneGum chewing gum before leaving! It's the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee and it works in 5 minutes.

Thanks to our advice, you no longer have an excuse not to get back to sport!

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