How to regain energy?

We all need energy, at any time of the day and in any circumstances.
That's why we have listed some simple tips for you to regain motivation, gain and conserve energy!

Fruits are our friends

Energy comes directly from the food we eat. In short, food is our fuel! But there are some foods that are more energizing than others. Thus, fruits are very famous for their intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And especially citrus fruits and kiwis which are very rich in vitamin C: a real natural booster!

A healthy lifestyle in a healthy body

We are biologically tuned to hours of activity and sleep. Thus, it is very important to respect this cycle (as much as possible).

This consists of getting up at fixed times and not too late, in order to have the whole day to have time to play sports, revise/work, hobbies and various activities.

It is also necessary to go to bed at a fixed time and respect the sleep time necessary for your body to recover from the past day.

Have regular physical activity

Energy attracts energy! Having regular physical activity will boost your body, solicit your muscles and make you gain self-confidence!

Indeed, after a good jog you will be tired and exhausted but mentally confident and re-energized. Thanks to your rigor in sport, your body will be more and more able to withstand physical effort, so you will no longer be out of breath after climbing a few floors, for example.

The famous 20-minute nap

A slack after digestion and resuming your current tasks is complicated! Your eyes are closing little by little and you are fighting against sleep...

Stop struggling and listen to your body. Allow yourself a little break, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away in the arms of Morpheus. But only 20 minutes! This is the ideal time not to be plunged into a deep sleep where it will be very difficult to get out of it.


It may seem strange, but given that the period does not allow you to relax in a spa and benefit from a massage from head to toe, why not think about self-massage?

Telecommuting, time on screens and stress are causing facial features to become increasingly drawn. For this, we recommend a short explanatory video of facial self-massage techniques .

After all these tips, you will never be low on energy again. And if that ever happens, grab some OneGum chewing gum , it's one of the most instant and effective cures you can find. 5 minutes and it's gone!

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