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Franprix chewing-gum énergisant

Take advantage of an exceptional Franprix offer with OneGum!

If you are not aware yet, know that OneGum is on sale in almost 500 Franprix stores all over France...

InformedSport OneGum

What is Informed Sport?

The Informed Sport Label is a globally recognized certification program that guarantees the integrity of dietary supplements. It was created by the LGC Sport Science, which is also one of the larg...

Les OneGum sont certifiés "Informed Sport" !

The OneGum are "Informed Sport" certified!

We are pleased and proud to announce that OneGum chewing gums are now "Informed Sport" certified! This small golden dot, which appears at the top of our packages and which proclaims "We test, you t...


OneMints available at Franprix this summer!

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of this new boosting product on www.onegum.eu . These lozenges enriched with caffeine (5 lozenges = one coffee) and vitamin C enrich our rang...

procrastination solution onegum

How to stop procrastinating?

Procrastination is the act of putting off our tasks until tomorrow. We've all done it before for the tasks for which we have no motivation: paperwork, housework or some homework for students. It is...

yoga produit énergisant

The benefits of yoga

At OneGum, we believe in sport and physical performance. And that is why we are talking to you about yoga: it allows you to build up your muscles in depth.