What is Informed Sport?

InformedSport OneGum

The Informed Sport Label is a globally recognized certification program that guarantees the integrity of dietary supplements. It was created by the LGC Sport Science, which is also one of the largest doping control laboratories in the world. This label can be awarded to any product that meets the criteria imposed, by “confectionery” brands aimed at athletes.

Informed Sport ensures, thanks to tests, that no food supplement put on the market does not contain substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (which acts massively following numerous frauds in terms of doping during competition). He also ensures that the products are manufactured according to very safe rules.

This certification then promises our customers to consume a product that is non-doping and created according to very specific standards. It is a label allowing at a glance to ensure the reliability of a product whether in terms of healthy composition essential to the nutrition of an athlete and in terms of the veracity of information on the composition (such as the dose of caffeine, vitamins, etc.).

The process of obtaining this label can be long and is divided into several stages. We had to fill out a form which was studied according to the products we sold, our products were tested and the label was given to us following the good results of our products. Know moreover that even if we are certified and especially for this reason, the rules are all the more strict and our products are still regularly tested so that the LGC laboratory ensures that we comply with the rules established by the World Agency. Anti-doping.

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Les OneGum sont certifiés "Informed Sport" !

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