The benefits of yoga

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Yoga comes from a Hindu doctrine aimed at reuniting the individual with the principle of existence. The discipline derived from it is practiced for its many physical and mental benefits.

At OneGum, we believe in sport and physical performance. And that is why we are talking to you about yoga: it allows you to build up your muscles in depth. How ? Discover the 6 benefits of yoga.

1. Develop your flexibility

The practice of yoga will improve your flexibility throughout the body. The various positions and breathing will allow your muscles to gain elasticity. In addition, yoga can reduce your pain (especially back pain) and also prevent the appearance of these.

2. Lose weight

Yoga is not a physical activity like football or dancing, it will work your muscles in depth. If practiced diligently, it can have beneficial effects on digestion, water retention and food urges. It therefore acts indirectly on the elements aimed at gaining weight. The practice of sport in general allows you to burn calories even at rest!

3. Improve self-confidence

The practice of yoga is very spiritual, it allows you to refocus on your body and your mind. By taking this time for yourself, you will be able to look back on yourself and focus on the positive aspects of your life. With performance goals in this discipline, you can cultivate that positivity, achieving them and challenging yourself to perform a little more complicated positrons as you go.

4. Find better posture

In the practice of yoga, the emphasis is on positioning, body alignment and flexibility of the back. And after lots of exercises and regular practice, you will naturally stand straighter.

5. Gain Focus

The alignment of the body, the breathing synchronized with the movements, the rest times between each posture or at the end of the sequences, the contractions of certain parts of the body during the postures... All these elements are as many elements which allow to improve the ability to concentrate. You will learn to channel your energy and use it in a more positive, more peaceful way.

6. Develop strength

By holding postures for a certain time, yoga increases muscular endurance and the propensity to make efforts. By relaxing the muscles, softening and strengthening the joints, the body learns to recover better between each effort and strengthens as a whole.

As you will have understood, yoga is a very complete and very positive discipline. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback if you currently practice yoga or if you plan to get started! Do not forget to take a OneGum just before to have the necessary energy .

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