JOYFUEL: White chocolate and cookie cream: x12 protein bars

For a protein diet without depriving yourself!

🍬 LESS THAN 2 GRAMS OF SUGAR PER BAR: that's 17 times less than the average chocolate bar on the market!

🍳 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN , that is to say as much as in 3 eggs or a small chicken cutlet, for only 214 calories per bar.

🍫 THE GOURMET PLEASURE of a milk chocolate bar and fondant chocolate cookie flavor, to taste it is to adopt it. Both crispy and tender, it’s a winning combination! More protein, less sugar.



Grams of sugars

And between 207 and 214 kcal per bar


Grams of protein

As much protein as in 3 eggs or a small chicken cutlet*


Times less sugar

Compared to the average chocolate bar on the market

About Joyfuel

A real concentrate of indulgence and protein with 20 grams per bar , to consume at any time of the day, without feeling guilty, to achieve your goals while having fun. Nutritious, delicious AND low sugar products (with less than 2 grams per bar), to accompany you in your daily life!

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