BONSAI: Natural spearmint chewing gum

Each package contains 10 sugared almonds of 2g

Gluttony, without junk!

🌿 100% NATURAL: a chewing gum made from sapodilla tree sap, extracted with respect for the forest, and a mixture of natural flavors of peppermint and field mint... Everything is biodegradable because it is organic and plastic-free! ♻️

👌 ONLY THE BEST : without sugars, without aspartame, without BHT, without nanoparticles.

🌱 ORGANIC AND VEGAN: only natural ingredients and no plastic!

♻️ AN FSC-certified RECYCLABLE PACKAGING wrapped in a transparent film made from vegetable cellulose!




Organic, vegan, sugar-free, aspartame-free, BHT-free, nanoparticle-free



Even our packaging is recyclable!

Candy without plastic or pigs

Because we think it is important to know what we eat and give to our children, we have imagined chewing gum and gourmet candies guaranteed without plastic, without animal gelatin, without pollution, and above all... without any compromise on taste!

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