OneGum & Captain Sam - on the way to new adventures!

OneGum & Captain Sam - en route pour de nouvelles aventures !

We continue with the novelties of this autumn 2016 . After the announcement of the redesign of our website, after the meeting with the Blues, after our debut at Franprix, after the competition to run with us during the TechRun, we are announcing today our partnership with Captain Sam .

You like to party ? Do you want to enjoy your evening 100%? And, you want to leave with your car? If the answer is yes, it seems Captain Sam is for you. Fatigue and alcohol are the two main causes of driving accidents. From this observation, we, OneGumers, help you fight against fatigue, while Captain Sam solves your drunken evenings.

A young French start-up launched in 2014 by Morgane Renault, Captain Sam is the first transportation service allowing individuals to be accompanied with their own car after a party. The founder's promise can be summed up in a few words: combine comfort, practicality and safety . Beyond the safety argument, this chauffeur service avoids unpleasant situations that you have surely already experienced: leaving your car at the place of the evening and picking it up the next day; paying a parking ticket in the market place on Sunday, having a bad night on a friend's sofa, etc. Car and festivities were therefore rarely compatible without a Captain Sam to bring the whole gang back safe and sound. From now on, this Captain is no longer the one who sacrifices his evening for his friends, but a recognized driver who brings you back in your own car. He is thus the guarantor of a successful evening with an accident-free tomorrow. Captain Sam is the startup that refuses to choose between drinking or driving.

With a reservation by phone, and soon via a mobile application, Captain Sam is available in several cities, such as Caen, Nîmes and Montpellier. The start-up also works for all types of events, professional (cocktail parties, Christmas trees, staff evenings, product launches, seminars, etc.) or private (weddings, birthdays, etc.).

It is because we have the same desire to simplify the life of each of you and allow you to enjoy every moment that we have joined forces!

We go like this offer hundreds of OneGum to all Captain Sam drivers in order to provide them energy necessary to last all night and stay focused behind the wheel. Of course, the driver will share these OneGum with the passengers. Ideal companion for immediate consumption or for the day after the evening, OneGum allows you to have a boost in all situations.

Our energizing chewing-gums based on caffeine and B vitamins and Captain Sam will therefore collaborate together from October 14, 2016.

The good reflex : Get picked up late night with Captain Sam or chew OneGum for the instant boost!

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