OneGum, Energy Gum

OneGum, le chewing-gum énergisant !

Heading back to work after your summer holidays? Discover OneGUm, the reliable and handy energy boost where and when you need it the most.

With a pack of OneGum in your pocket or your handbag, you’re guaranteed to have a reliable energy boost within hand’s reach. Discover when to chew OneGum here.

OneGum is a bi-layered energy gum which contains B vitamins and 50 mg of caffeine (the same amount as a cup of coffee)

Thanks to its technology and unlike energy drinks or coffee, chewing gum allows for a rapid release of the active ingredients for an instant energy boost.


Furthermore, with its minty flavor, OneGum leaves you with a refreshing taste and is completely sugar free

OneGum 100% Energy, 0% Sugar.

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