Our athletes: FC Mesnilaurentais

Nos athlètes : le FC Mesnilaurentais

New issue of our OneGum ambassadors interview series! After the high-level pole vaulter Valentin Lavillenie , it's time for the troublemakers of amateur football: FC Mesnilaurentais.

Viking, aperitif and above all football... Ragnar and Floki answer our questions.

How did you come to sport?
- Ragnar/Nelson: I started football at the age of 7-8 because there was a group of friends who had been playing it since they were little. So I did the same the following year.

- Floki/Jérémie: I really started sport at 8 years old, when I changed schools. To fit in, I joined the village football club without really being a big sportsman or even a big football fan. Result: I have never stopped since!

I've been practicing this sport for 20 years and I've become a real fan of it. You could even say that I am a sports fan in general. I think it was more he who came to me.

What is your physical preparation?

- Floki: For my physical preparation, I try to follow our coach's recommendations before the new season. He plans it all for us. On the program: running at different paces, split, muscle strengthening, proprioception...

- Ragnar: Me, my physical preparation is mainly based on the aperitif: pizza and beer! But otherwise, I'm waiting until the end of September to go to training because before it's the scrubbing and I just don't want to suffer. And then it's too hot in August...

Do you practice other sports on the side?

- Ragnar: I don't practice any sport on the side, but I would have liked to play American football! But the closest club is Angers, and they make selections to choose their players, it seems to me.

- Floki: I don't do any other sports on the side as a licensee. On the other hand, I'm always ready to do it when the opportunity arises! I run, I can do big bike rides… As soon as there is a sporting event in the area (football/volleyball tournament), I go for it.

As a Viking, I have already taken part in a few Vendée Globes with my longship. I do some fencing training too, to sharpen my ax game so seasoned, very important for conquests!

Rather sport live or with a controller?
- Floki: Live sport clearly! Nothing beats the taste of effort and the smell of perspiration (or not…).

- Ragnar: Ah, I mainly practice sport on a controller. I'm much better at that!

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