Our athletes: Enzo Tesic

Nos athlètes : Enzo Tesic

We continue to give voice to athletes who trust us. After Valentin and Adeline , discover Enzo Tesic !

A participant in the last Tokyo Olympics in the men's 4x200 meter freestyle team, the French swimmer answers our questions.

How did you come to sport?

I have always loved sports. When I was young, I started playing football but I was more often at the edge of a pond than on a football field. I had my 2 big sisters swimming . It made me want to learn to swim at first around the age of 6, until I took a liking to it to then swim more regularly. And since then I have never stopped .

What is your physical preparation?

I train 6 days out of 7 with 2 swimming sessions per day, which last about 2 hours . I alternate with speed sessions, longer sessions and more technical sessions . Added to this are 3 bodybuilding sessions followed by a few relaxation sessions to maintain good mobility in the water .

Do you practice other sports on the side?

It's rare ! Already for a matter of time, since all my sessions are quite time consuming . I also try to rest and not expend too much energy between my workouts. Otherwise , when I go on a course I sometimes combine surfing with my swimming training for one or two weeks a year .

Rather sport live or with a controller?

It's always more stimulating to play sports live, but an afternoon on FIFA with friends I never say no!

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