Michael Serfati, "The Smart Fighter"

Multiple French karate champion, Mickael Serfati is one of our oldest partners. He agreed to answer our questions to talk about sport and performance.

How did you come to sport?

I've always done it (laughs)! No, but in fact what happens is that my father is a full-time karate instructor, and my mother is his assistant. So we were with my brothers and sisters on the tatami every day. As soon as I could walk I did karate. I feel like I've always done that.

What is your physical preparation?

I must admit that I do a lot more karate than physical preparation. To be honest, I know it's important but I like karate so much more, fighting! I train karate every day, even twice a day sometimes. I also run sometimes. But yes, my physical preparation is the field, the fight with an opponent, friend or not (laughs).

Do you practice other sports on the side?

I dance pretty well. I did hip hop. I tried a bit of everything, including 4 years of basketball. But more recently in martial arts, I've also tried kickboxing/Thai boxing a bit. But I love karate so much...

Rather sport live or with a controller?

Obviously live because I have a lot more fights under my belt than high-scores to be objective. But I love video games: I play a lot! I even stream my games on my secondary YouTube channel sometimes (laughs).

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