OneGum x Franprix

OneGum x Franprix

If you follow us on social networks, you may have been informed of the great novelty of OneGum in this new school year 2016. And if you don't like (yet) our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin pages, you are here at the right place. place to keep you informed of our news.

After entering the French oil network with a presence in more than 250 motorway service stations, OneGum energizing chewing gums are setting up in town. And, for this new adventure, we have chosen Franprix stores. This is how, from September 15, you will be able to find your practical and nomadic dose of energy in nearly 500 Franprix stores, mainly located in Ile-de-France.

OneGum and Franprix, it's a beautiful and long story that has only just begun. With a common ambition to drive innovation, these two brands are made for each other.

On the one hand, there is us, OneGum with a product as energizing as it is high-tech. Our concept of SmartGum is part of a perspective of innovation in the SmartFood sector. We therefore have the ambition to revolutionize the chewing gum market with this concept. We offer you a smart, practical, nomadic and tasty chewing gum to meet your daily energy needs.

Composed of 50mg of caffeine and B vitamins, OneGum is the perfect opportunity to put a cup of coffee in your pocket.

On the other side, there is Franprix, a retail brand belonging to the Casino group, which shows its desire to modernize and offer its customers a new version of the trade of merchant. This desire is expressed through the mandarin concept deployed by the brand since 2015. The points of sale are thus undergoing a large-scale remodeling. Sobriety with the absence of stop-rays and signs, snack bar, mini-rotisserie, orange-squeezing machine, bay window overlooking the street, terrace on the sidewalk, staff dressed in orange outfits, reduced waiting time at the checkout, etc. Everything is done to transform Franprix into a welcoming and pleasant place.

OneGum and Franprix have the real ambition to serve the best for the customer, with a modern, simple and efficient vision!

Buying one (or more) packets of OneGum energizing chewing gum at the Franprix checkout will immerse you in an innovative and pleasant universe. Ready to embark on the adventure with us? So see you from September 15 near you! And be the first to tell us about your experience, via social networks.

See you soon for new arrivals!

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