OneBoost, energizing gummies

OneBoost, gummies énergisants

On the occasion of Black Friday, we will launch our latest novelty: OneBoost

OneGum never stops. Not only do we continue, day after day, to establish ourselves as the benchmark in terms of energy, we never stop looking for solutions to help our community progress and stay in shape.

With OneGum , we offer you an ultra-fast solution to banish temporary slack , and it was time for us to offer you a complementary long-term solution, to offer you a product that can fight against fatigue in the long term while alleviating possible deficiencies.

More than a year ago, we interviewed you and we listened to you. The results obtained were unanimous: you were looking for a reliable , practical and pleasant solution to consume daily to keep in shape, in the form of energizing gummies!

After many months of R&D, it's time for you to discover our latest novelty, OneBoost , a natural concentrate of B vitamins * to fight daily fatigue, vitamin C to strengthen your immune system and vitamin D to fight against deficiencies. that can affect the proper functioning of your body.

The finding is indeed alarming: according to the Academy of Medicine, nearly 80% of the population is deficient in vitamin D. Intimately linked to tremors, headaches, temporary fatigue, stress or loss of appetite, vitamin D deficiency is a real obstacle to the optimization of physical and intellectual performance.

Also enriched with plants, our gummies contain tribulus (flowers known for their tonic, aphrodisiac, diuretic and rejuvenating properties and known to help gain muscle mass) and eleutherococcus (medicinal plant which has the reputation of strengthening the defenses immunity and physical and intellectual abilities).

The ingredients of our OneBoost have been meticulously selected to offer you the best to stay in good shape and boost and strengthen your body on a daily basis.

The composition and active ingredients of our gummies will allow you to fight against fatigue, improve your physical and mental performance while strengthening your immune system.

Our strawberry-flavoured OneBoosts adopt a playful and pleasant format to make your vitamin cure a real pleasure.

Packed with natural flavors and colors , our energizing gummies are certified vegan and fit perfectly into any diet.

To top it off, our food supplements have been carefully developed with local players in order to offer you a 100% Made in France product.

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