The unexpected benefits of caffeine

Les bienfaits insoupçonnés de la caféine
The unsuspected virtues of our OneGum are numerous!

Did you know that our energizing chewing gums also promote digestion?

The 50 mg of caffeine present in each OneGum chewing gum also allows you to reboost, to help your body to digest better! According to recent studies, it turns out that caffeine has a direct action on digestion by increasing the secretion of gastric juice. It is this action that allows our chewing gum to promote and accelerate the transformation of your last meals consumed into nutritive molecules that can be absorbed by the cells of your body.
Passing through the blood, these molecules are used by the body to ensure the proper functioning of the cells of the various organs, for an optimal form and a feeling of well-being.
Before an important match, athletes must avoid foods that are difficult to digest, mainly fats, and possibly foods that bloat in order to play their best game, in the best possible conditions and to give their all to defend their colors.
Thanks to their caffeine content, and chewing, which also stimulates the digestive system, our OneGums promote optimal digestion: nothing better for a feeling of lightness on the pitch!
And the benefits of caffeine don't stop there! It also stimulates the nervous system, which helps to further increase concentration and attention during a sporting activity. The reaction time is therefore shortened and the feeling of fatigue delayed, which can have a very positive impact on sports performance.
Caffeine consumption has also been shown to improve performance during short, intense exertions. Effects have been observed during efforts associated with repeated sprints, which can provide a significant advantage in various sports.
The benefits and composition of our boosting product are unparalleled.
It is for this reason that our OneGum have proven themselves with the greatest athletes on a global scale, and continue to be used by the medical staff of national teams, all sports combined.

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