OneGum is certified

OneGum est certifié

Informed Sport is a globally recognized quality certification program established to assure consumers that all dietary supplements or ingredients bearing the Informed Sport logo have been tested by LGC ASSURE.

LGC ASSURE is a prestigious international research and doping control laboratory, with more than 50 years of expertise to its credit. This analyzes the most diverse formulations, through specific and advanced tests, making it possible to exclude the presence of more than 146 substances (including stimulants, masking agents, anabolics, etc.) whose use is prohibited in the sport. 

OneGum is the first and only French brand to have successfully entered the Informed Sport program with an energizing chewing gum. Only companies that are able to guarantee constant monitoring of the quality of their products and that manage to pass a large number of rigorous tests and sharp analyzes obtain it.

The Informed Sport logo is recognized by the biggest players in the sports world as an official guarantee of quality and safety. This label represents an exclusive prerogative reserved for companies considered to be the most reliable and accredited in the field of sports nutrition. The end consumer, amateur or professional, is thus assured of being able to consume the product in complete peace of mind. In addition, the absolute certainty of the absence of prohibited substances is guaranteed by the possibility of monitoring and checking, also via a smartphone, the result of the analyzes carried out on each production batch, published in real time on the website www.informed 

This certification then promises our customers to consume a product that is non-doping and effective. It is a label allowing at a glance to ensure the reliability of a product whether in terms of healthy composition and the veracity of information concerning the composition (such as the dose of caffeine, vitamins .. .).

Frequent checks are put in place to prevent any fraud or misuse of this label in order to gain consumer confidence.

This is why our OneGum certified by the Informed Sport label are consumed by top athletes. We are talking here about teams from Ligue 1, La Liga and national selections in several sports, athletes from different categories and disciplines or even people like you and us, who need energy during our day but this without want to chew chemicals.


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