7 tips for exercising at home!

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It's go again ! Called to stay at home, we are all stranded, in a disorganized band. But since it's not the first time, there's no reason to remain inactive! We know what lockdown looks like now, so we're going to give it our all from the comfort of our home!

Here are the 7 tips from the OneGum team for exercising at home:

1- We attack with a OneGum

5 to 10 minutes before the start of physical exertion, don't forget to take a small OneGum. 5 to 10 minutes: this is the time it takes for caffeine to take effect, passing directly through the mucous membranes of the mouth (compared to 20 to 30 minutes for a coffee or an energy drink).

2- We make a little space and we observe what we have at hand

The idea is to let off steam a little, jump, do some cardio, etc. You should avoid breaking a vase or knocking a frame off the wall. We can also start looking at what will help us to sweat at best.

3- We do not hesitate to use our environment

Empty or full bottles will serve as dumbbells. With a chair, you can do flexions or lean on and do leg stretches. We take a big bag, we stuff it with books and presto: here is a homemade kettlebell!

4- We are accompanied by a coach

Whether he answers us or not... You can find all kinds of tutorials on the internet, even join a live session given by a sports professional, or even grab a one-to-one lesson via zoom!

5- The heart is a muscle not to be forgotten

Without cardio, all this sport is just pumping up! So we don't forget to work the heart through a good cardio session. As jumping rope is not always easy in an apartment and we don't always have the best area to go out for 1 hour, why not take advantage of the stairs in your building (or duplex, we don't judge eh)? So off we go for a good series of ups and downs.

6- We energize ourselves in music

Afrotrap, thrash metal, 80's pop or classical music... To each his own tastes and to each his own pace! But it's much easier to exercise when you're accompanied by a good groove. Of course, the neighbors will also benefit. But who knows? They may be in the middle of a sports session themselves?

7- Don't forget to stretch

If we want this improvised sports session not to be the only one of (re-) confinement, we don't forget to stretch at the end. Because otherwise, beware of aches! And beware of being lazy to start again next time!

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